I have put into practice a lot of what you taught on the workshop, it has made a massive difference personally, and I am sharing it at work as part of our DSE roll-out.

Lynn Roberts

Workforce Manager, Addenbrookes Charitable Trust, Cambridge

Our Workplace Interactive sessions are a great way for HR teams to motivate and help employees. We will answer all posture and back care questions and will prepare the group to look after their body. Bringing more life and energy into workplace posture, staff will be more energised, reporting higher levels of interest and engagement.

We provide a hands-on approach to assess your team’s posture and then teach them how to easily perform and put into practice specific moves to solve any musculoskeletal issues. Our complete instructions will improve posture and “work-proof” the body in just a few minutes a day.

Our interactive workshops give Human Resources teams and Managers a way to motivate and inform their staff. The 90 Minute workshop or short course can be presented to any number of participants and held in any suitable room at your location.

Managing and maintaining a pain free workplace is not easy, we understand how to resolve this issues giving the best solution for employers and staff. We present in a very engaging way and participants will certainly be energised.

What’s Included:

A perfect addition to a wellness plan, our 90 minute workshop educates and motivates employees. Having our experts on hand to make sure back care and posture questions are answered, gives your organisation vital up to date advice. Fill in the gaps left by a DSE workstation assessment, ensuring employees have the support to work to the best of their ability. We also have the knowledge to design and offer bespoke wellbeing courses, he have had great successful with our Back Pain Course and Stress Relief through movement.

Key components – What causes poor posture / How to correct muscle dysfunctions / Most important stretches and exercises

Also included: Exercise Band, PostureWorx ball and Detailed Manual.

To get started, simply Contact us to set up your free initial consultation. We’ll come to you, explain our services in more details, discuss your needs and how you can benefit from PostureWorx.