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How to stand out from the crowd!

We speak to many businesses and organisations. The way they approach wellness and how their employees feel does vary. Lots of newer more forward thinking companies are really focused on improving the quality of environment so people can thrive. Some are still quite old school, they feel people come to work to sit and….well…work.

Being in Cambridge allows us to get our hands on some really talented individuals from varied fields such as medical and biotech research, education, technology and pharmaceuticals. One thing they all have in common is they are focussed on more than just money. In 2013 10,000 UK employees were surveyed 87% said they consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer. (1) This shows us that when looking at organisations to work for, talented people will assess at how well they look after the welfare of their employees, and take this information into account before making a decision.

Most of these kind of people enjoy the challenge of pushing boundaries and seeking out better ways to do things. This is exactly how we feel, there is a better way to do things with regard to workplace wellbeing.

There is a change coming, currently if you give staff great benefits and perks you will be know as being like ‘Google’ or one of those really cool tech firms in the US. These companies will have a whole host of benefits that enhance the wellbeing of employees with the addition of soft tissue and physical therapists to look after staff. Soon enough most companies will be offering the same benefits but like most thinks over here in the UK we take a bit of time to catch up.

So to the title ‘Why bother?’, well until that happens we are starting to see that organisations are looking at benefits such as PostureWorx as a recruitment and retainment tool. Noticing that talented people will in some cases be able to pick and choose where they work. Standing out from the crowd gets harder if its only financial rewards that are encouraged.

Its definitely time to be proactive and meet the physical challenges of using smartphones, tablets and laptops for work. 40% of all days lost due to work related ill-health in 2014/15 was due to musculoskeletal issues(2) – yet hardly anything is put in place to assist employees, sometimes only a computer software programme that has individuals tick a few boxes if they are sitting up straight. Signs that something needs to be done is if people are leaving work early with headaches, as many people will not mention they are having neck or back pain, as they feel this may go against them in the future.

Gone are the days of leaving the organisations best assets to work till they drop, plenty of organisations make the work more flexible and allow people to get projects or work done in a way the individual sees fit. Ensuring staff have access to expert advice and treatment will soon be the norm if we follow the pattern of copying the USA. That certainly answers the question.. Why Bother ?

(1) Virgin HealthMiles 2013.

(2) Health and Safety Executive  2014.