What We Do

We provide simple and effective solutions, on-site, to help you sustain a strong, productive workforce. Organisations benefit from our experience in three ways:



Interactive Workshops

Our Workplace Interactive sessions are a great way for HR teams to motivate and help employees. We will answer all posture and back care questions and will prepare the group to look after their body. Bringing more life and energy into workplace posture, staff will be more energised, reporting higher levels of interest and engagement.

We provide a hands-on approach to assess your team’s posture and then teach them how to easily perform and put into practice specific moves to solve any musculoskeletal issues. Our complete instructions will improve posture and “work-proof” the body in just a few minutes a day.



Workplace Massage Clinics

Simple effective steps form the basis of our approach, pain free employees can work without worrying about pain or muscle problems.  Having a clinic session is a great way for Human Resources and people managers to add more quality to wellbeing initiatives, and shows staff how valued they are.

With just a meeting room needed, we will set up and resolve painful tight muscle issues straight away, usually with 20 or 40 minutes per person. Our experienced expert therapists have years of experience handling muscle and posture problems. You can have this expertise at your workplace.

We take care of everything, all sessions have full professional liability cover, risk assessments and method statements.



Complete Wellbeing

Our Total Wellbeing Membership is a monthly full-service plan. We partner with you to create a cost-effective and sustainable process, producing tangible benefits for your employees and measurable results for your business. We become an integral part of your wellbeing program helping look after the wellness of your workforce.

The membership plan includes:

  • Monthly expert visit
  • Hands-on treatment
  • Workstation assessments
  • On-going support, advice and tips
  • Comprehensive review of wellness, ethical and financial improvements
  • Bespoke workshops and courses
To get started, simply Contact us to set up your free initial consultation. We’ll come to you, explain our services in more details, discuss your needs and how you can benefit from PostureWorx.