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The start of 2016 has been pretty busy for us here at PostureWorx. Alongside treating people at our clinic in Nuffield Health and Fitness, Cambridge based organisations of varied size and type have contacted us to help with their wellness in 2016.

We visited the Cambridge University Biomedical Support Services delivering a practical workshop to the lecturers then checked out their workstations giving easy to implement ideas. It was interesting to see how people that sit for prolonged periods benefit from some problem solving and exercises to do in the workplace. It was great to see the interest the participants had in looking after their body while at work.


On the 4th January at Yellow Door, Cambridge we performed our 90 minute group session. A great team of staff joined us in learning great ways to add in simple stretches to their normal working day. It was great fun doing the individual posture assessments, as the team in the office really helped each other out.

Cambridge University Press invited us in on the 15th January to be part of their wellness day, we performed lots of hands on treatment sessions. Employees gave great feedback and were usually surprised at how easy it is for us to unlock tightened muscles. The use of the conference facilities worked really well as there was also room to show them a stretch or exercise once we had given them a massage.

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The year ahead looks like it will continue to be interesting for us, as we are currently talking to other Organisations such as Napp Pharmaceuticals and AstraZeneca as well smaller independent local businesses.