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We are proud to have carried out 2,913 On-site massages in 2019 !! Also adding 9 new companies in Cambridge last year.
Huge thanks to all the hard working HR and Office Managers we work with and to the fantastic team we have.

It has been great to see the uptake with our ‘real’ on-site massage becoming more well known. Taking a Sports Massage clinic style treatment into the workplace is relatively new for the UK, with more companies in the Cambridge area and beyond making it part of their wellbeing offering this will only grow. 

Personally I feel a great sense of pride in our little team of expert therapists, being able to combine a massage to de-stress and relax with advice on injuries and posture is real skill, seeing them manage this and getting great feedback from the HR Managers.

 Looking forward to helping more people feel great in 2020.

Mike Power