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Home Working Webinar

The sessions are incredibly engaging and have a positive impact on our employees within a single posture improvement session alone. Mike is an excellent presenter, oozes enthusiasm and knowledge and his professional but easy going manner, along with an approach that combines detailed anatomical information (for those that are interested) and simple and practical guidance allows him to connect with individuals at all levels of an organisation. It is very apparent that Mike and the team at Postureworx genuinely care about people’s wellbeing and bring a wealth of talent and experience.

Edward Butler

Group Health and Safety Coordinator, Cambridge Assessment

Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic organisations have found many of their team members struggling with aches and pains.

This is largely due to time sitting at a screen without those natural breaks you may have in the office. Companies that previously ran our Interactive workshop asked us if we could provide something remote, so the Home Worker Webinar was born.

It utilises our Exercise and Workstation advice background to give HR teams a way to help those staff members that are spending time working from home.

The overall objective is to help attendees make the most of their individual home working environment. Ensure their home workstation setup is the best workable solution. Give and practice exercises that relate to dysfunctions caused by sedentary desk-based work and lifestyle.

Within a 60 minute session we bring our experience and knowledge to make the webinar engaging. Actual exercise demonstrations and individual Q&A give attendees confidence to look after their wellbeing while working from home. 

Since April 2020 we have delivered our sessions to organisations in many different sectors such education, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and gaming. 

You have given them the Health and Safety Questionnaire, now show them you really care!