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The best way to show support to your Home Working Colleagues

 Sending out the Health and Safety Questionnaire is just the first step, to really help your home working colleagues a personal approach is needed. That’s where we can help. What differentiates us is our Health and Fitness background combined with DSE assessment qualifications. We don’t sell chairs but we do sell the best advice presented in the best way. 

“The sessions are incredibly engaging and have a positive impact on our employees within a single posture improvement session alone. They are excellent presenters, ooze enthusiasm and knowledge and have a professional but easy going manner, along with an approach that combines anatomical information and practical guidance which allows them to connect with individuals at all levels of an organisation. It is very apparent that Mike and the team at Postureworx genuinely care about people’s wellbeing and bring a wealth of talent and experience.” 

Edward Butler – Group Health and Safety Coordinator – Cambridge Assessment            


How it works

Many Companies choose to use our secure online booking system, saving valuable admin time. Staff members are given the Code created specifically for the Organisation, then they simply book a slot that is convenient to them. We have different services, allowing you to make sure it fits well with the requirements of the business. 

In the session (through Zoom or Teams) we explain the best way to set-up for home working. After discussion with the HR or facilities team we help determine the most cost effective solution. We are used to working with a range of different companies, some have an almost limitless budget, others have no budget at all. We work through specific exercises to prevent neck, back and upper limb pain, having taken hundreds of sessions our advice comes from years of experience. The individual gets their questions answered and can discuss the most effective approach going forward. 

Following the session we send the recommendations and any exercises covered in the session through to the attendee, relevant staff can be copied in (if relevant for training / HR files) 

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Benefits to the Organisation 

Health and Safety and Wellbeing can be combined if packaged in the right way. An important benefit to the organisation is how well the sessions will be viewed from a PR and employee retention standpoint. Showing employees that they are valued members of your organisation has been shown to increase productivity, while improving overall staff morale. 

“Thanks again for the sessions – quite a few people said it was great and really appreciated. Simple and effective techniques which we can easily implement (with a little discipline!)” 

Freya Hitchcock-McCarthy – People Operations Advisor – Prowler.io


Benefits to the Individual



Working from home will now be commonplace for the months ahead, many staff members can be put into situations not conducive to a productive working environment. Our session ensures they will be given the knowledge and tools to make the best of the situation they have.

We understand how working in poor positions can create unwanted aches and pains. Actually feeling listened to by a professional gives them a huge sense of wellbeing. Reducing the risk of discomfort gives staff a better confidence to continue working hard, without the worry of getting neck or back pain. 

Answering questions on the spot is a very unique benefit, in most cases workers are given a general health and safety checklist. Many times the feedback we receive mentions the benefit of having an instant answer.  




Thanks for checking my progress, this has already made a difference, my forearms are more comfortable. I am trying to do the exercises regularly. Thanks again.

Sarah Elkhalifa – Research Scientist – Mission Therapeutics



Feel free to drop me a line if you would like to discuss how we could help you and your Organisation. 

Healthy regards

Mike Power

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