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DSE Assessment

Ensure Comfort and Safety 

Our assessments go further for less 

A poorly equipped and arranged work station is a major contributing factor in the development of many work-related upper limb disorders. Conditions can be both short and long term but in most cases cause a lot of avoidable pain, discomfort and stress. Other associated symptoms include temporary eyestrain and headaches, and fatigue/stress.

The hazards associated with DSE work stations must therefore be properly assessed so that they are adequately equipped and adjustable to suit the user’s needs.

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 state that “employers should carry out an analysis and assesswork stations. Work stations must meet certain basic requirements that enable them to be appropriately adjusted and used without unacceptable risks to health and safety. Appropriate information, instruction and training should be provided to users so that they can use the equipment provided effectively.”

Why are we different?

We are the only expert Soft Tissue Therapists carrying out this process in the Cambridge Area!

DSE Assessment procedures have a standard protocol, at PostureWorx we cover all the standard paperwork and legislation, and then supercharge the process.

All our assessors have years of experience actually treating posture related issues. Having these additional qualifications and real experience allows us to ensure the process is long lasting and very effective.

    What does it involve?

    We are completely independent of equipment suppliers, and will not tell you that you need expensive equipment, unless we really think that you do.

    Conducted in the workplace, each assessment covers all legislation and provides:

    • Clinical history
    • Workstation assessment and detailed task analysis
    • Seated postural analysis
    • Postural training and task management
    • Comprehensive report detailing individual situation and solutions
    • Email follow up