The sessions are incredibly engaging and have a positive impact on our employees within a single posture improvement session alone. They are excellent presenters, ooze enthusiasm and knowledge and have a professional but easy going manner, along with an approach that combines anatomical information and practical guidance which allows them to connect with individuals at all levels of an organisation. It is very apparent that Mike and the team at Postureworx genuinely care about people’s wellbeing and bring a wealth of talent and experience.

Edward Butler

Group Health and Safety Co-ordinator, Cambridge Assessment

The Posture and Workstation Advice Webinar 

Incorporating large groups and helping to engage staff with wellbeing plans. Delivering an interactive way for people working from home or hybrid to make the most of their individual set-up

Why are we different?

All the PostureWorx Team have years of experience actually treating posture related issues. Having these additional qualifications and real experience allows us to ensure the process is long lasting and very effective.

We are used to delivering sessions to large groups of people and interacting online.

The sessions are a mix of giving recommendations and actual exercises, that are practised in the webinar. 

There is no chair sales pitch, we are not furniture salespeople. We are Health and Wellbeing experts, the sessions are based on advice to ensure attendees have the required knowledge to look after their body. 

What does it involve?

60 minute – Virtual session.

The objective is to help attendees make the most of their individual working environment. Also ensuring their lifestyle is the best workable solution. Give and practice exercises that relate to dysfunctions caused by sedentary desk-based work and lifestyle. (Can be recorded as an internal resource.)

• What causes poor posture and muscle problems.
• Modern screen working and its effect on the body (especially from Home)
• Hybrid solutions for workstation set-up.
• Tips to reduce neck and back pain.
• Effective Exercises – Demo and Practice.
• Creating a Personal Action Plan with expert Q&A.