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“Was an excellent course and would highly recommend it! – Jo Jenkins (senior occupational health manager)”

It was great to see the interaction and attendee engagement at our recent three session course. It was delivered to Napp Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge.

The aims and objectives of the course are: Helping attendees to understand more on the causative factors, triggers, and best course of action to maintain core and spine health. How to take responsibility for their health and well-being in the working environment and at home.

The Back Care course runs over three 90 minute sessions, it is well suited to employees that have had back pain in the past or currently have issues.

Each session is delivered by two expert trainers / therapists, so all attendees have questions answered and full confidence in what they can do to improve their body at work. Alongside the self care kit the detailed manual provides a great reference for the future.


Some of the core content:

The prevalence and classification of back pain

  • What causes pain
  • Main types of back pain (mechanical / soft tissue / psychosomatic )

The development and pathology of back pain

  • Basic relevant anatomical structures and physiology
  • Understanding the relationship between core stability and muscle imbalance
  • The relevance of tissue mobility
  • Lifestyle / Mental / Work related factors
  • How movement and exercise helps improve situation

Taking responsibility and improving positivity regarding back pain

  • Introduce basic core stability exercises / find out participant limitations and outlook
  • Show and practice basic level mobility and stretching movements
  • Discuss and recommend alternatives / more effective examples
  • Improve confidence with working

All participants are given the knowledge and simple to remember movements to then have full control over back and body issues ongoing.

It is excellent to see forward thinking companies in Cambridge putting the wellbeing of their employees higher in the list of priorities.