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Have an Open Mind

Organisations have different wellness goals at certain stages of their growth and development. We work with Companies with as little as 15 staff right up to organisations with over 5000 staff. How to cater for wellness in your organisation can be very individual, for example you may have a specific budget to work with or no budget at all. This can impact on your decision making processes as can the number of people involved in the decision. For organisations without a structured wellness plan is can actually be quite easy to implement a new service for employees to access as there is less meetings and people to make decisions.

Try things out first

Most new initiatives can be tested first to gain full insight into how effective it will be. For example many of our regular on-site massage clinics result from an initial trial session. It is usually doesn’t cost anything and its a great way to really understand how a service works. Run some wellness days and invite providers of a wellbeing service to have a slot to showcase what they do. This will allow staff members to get the benefits but also give the business a chance to see how well each service it received.

Building a culture of health. A healthy company culture is built intentionally. It is first and foremost about creating a way of life in the workplace that integrates a total health model into every aspect of business practice, from company policies to everyday work activities. By “total health” we mean a culture that’s supportive of career, emotional, financial, physical and social well-being – not just an occasional road race. Examples include offering flexible work schedules, giving workers latitude in decision-making, setting reasonable health goals, providing social support, enforcing health-promoting policies and establishing a healthy physical environment (healthy food offerings, staircases instead of elevators, walking trails in and outside buildings and treadmill workstations).

Spreading the word

How many staff members use a service can depend on how large the organisation is and how spread out the separate parts on the business are. Strategic communication leads to greater engagement in employee wellness programs. This boils down to getting clear messages out to workers: this is what the program entails, here is how it works, here’s what’s in it for you, and here are ways to get involved. This can help overcome some of the top barriers to program participation and success: lack of awareness, lack of interest and suspicions about employers’ motivations.
These communications must be frequent, varied in content, multi-channel, and tailored to the target audience so that it doesn’t fade into background noise.

If you would like to discuss the wellbeing plan you have at your Company feel free to drop us a line.

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