Workplace Massage Clinics

Proactive approach to wellness


Our Workplace Massage Clinics are the perfect service to offer your colleagues, we have been resolving posture related problems for over 10 years. Having a confident professional team allows us to help people in their place of work, be that an office, meeting room or staff room. Straight from our first visit we are hands on, showing your team easy to understand and corrective movements. All employees can benefit from soft tissue treatment, whether it be, soft tissue treatment, trigger point therapy or corrective adjustment. We know prevention is better than cure, but we certainly aim for both.

Mike and his team are truly incredible in what they can achieve. Great people, great service unbelievable results.” Neil Prem – International Director, Future Possibilities

  • Full Employee Reporting
  • No Company Cost
  • Integrated Online Booking
  • Risk Assessed and H&S Compliant
  • Improved PR with Employee Benefits

The most common issues we resolve:

Stress Relief, Neck pain, Tension headaches, Wrist and arm pain, Jaw pain, Upper back pain, Low back stiffness, RSI,


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