About Us

The way most people work places stress on the soft tissues and muscular system, it has been proven that these effects, if not dealt with correctly cause absenteeism and lack of productivity. We started PostureWorx in response to the high percentage of clients presenting in our Cambridge clinic with these problems.

We work with Human Resources and People Managers in organisations large and small. Our mission is to improve workplace posture, reducing aches and pains associated with modern technology. Our focus is to create a way for businesses to help and value their teams.

The Postureworx team of experienced physical therapists and trainers have all been involved in Healthcare and Muscle Therapy for many years. We understand how the body reacts to workplace stresses and can recommend the best course of action to treat and prevent aches and pains. We know a better posture at work reduces stress and makes a more positive working environment leading to a more engaged team.

Organisations have changed in the last ten years, putting more attention on wellness and improving the working environment. We meet that need, with a very professional, integrated service.